Our Fleet of vehicles

Our Fleet at auto rental Uganda consists of a wide range of vehicles from Suv’s to tough and utilitarian 4Wheel drive vehicles. Our most common self drive vehicles consist of Toyota Rav4s which are a continuous full time 4×4 and Toyota prados which are a 4×4 with high ground clearance. A wide range of other safari vehicles are available with a driver at a very affordable and discounted rate. All vehicles are well serviced at each end of trip and perfectly maintained for another upcoming trips. In an event of any breakdown upcountry, we have a wide range of network workshops and mechanics for minor repairs so you can absolutely rely on our 24/7 roadside assistance.

     The Suv Rav4’s

      F1               F2               F3

     The Prado land cruisers

      prado blue               F5               F6

    The Hiace vans

      F7               mini van              F9

    The Tough and Utilitarian 4×4 jeeps

      F10               landcruiser 22              F12

What to expect with our vehicles

•   Comprehensive car insurance

•   Air conditioned cars

•   Comes with a road map, guide book, phone and Sim card, first aid kit box

•   24/7 roadside assistance

•   All spare materials like car jack, spare tire, recovery tools and tool box.

•   Unlimited kilometers

•   No extra charges. What you book is what you pay.

Auto Rental Rwanda is managed and run by a professional tour guide who knows almost all the roads,  corners of Rwanda and Uganda as well. And here he shares some advice for your car rental and self drive in Rwanda.

• Driving is on the right hand side of the road and you absolutely keep right when driving.

• The maximum speed in Rwanda is 60km/hr and 40km/hr in centers, The traffic men always hold speed guns at any suspecting high speed places so you need to watch out and reduce on that acceleration.

• Rwanda roads are not so wide and meander through hills and valleys so an average speed while on your self drive car hire would do you good.

• Fellow drivers in Rwanda are sometimes reckless especially the van and coaster buses will overtake you at any blind spot with a second thought. Just watch out for that and keep it right.

• A flat tire can happen at anytime and that’s part of adventure, make use of the reflective triangles as you get that tyre changed and always remember to fix it at any nearby gas station.

• Avoid driving at night as there could be speed bumps that aren’t seen and also looking out to unsuspecting thieves that could take advantage of the night.

• Always carry a well charged phone, water and torch for emergency purposes.

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