Our Guided trips

Are you that traveler that just wants it all, then our guided trips are for those that don’t fancy driving themselves and would rather prefer the company of a guide driver. The travelers who need more than just “look and continue“, travelers who want to have deep insights into Rwanda as a whole, Travelers who want more than just the top highlights of Rwanda. We work with a number of knowledgeable tour driver guides who are also mechanics and will absolutely make your trip in Rwanda and Uganda unforgettable.

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Why you may need a driver guide.

For any customized trip in Rwanda which definitely highlights more than just the gorillas and wildlife, taking a driver guide with you is just another gig for your “yet to be” incredible trip in Rwanda.

Renting a car, getting behind the wheels, using the road maps and travel guide books isn’t just enough for a trip. There are highlights about Rwanda or Uganda that you may not manage to have arranged, but with a guide driver on board having told him your trip hints, will navigate the roads and corners as you sit back and enjoy the countryside, these guides are creative enough to beat you off the normal touristic routes and take you discovering the real Africa, These Driver guides will manage the time for your travels, These guides will unveil the hidden treasures of Africa, These guides will keep you safe on the road from the fellow crazy drivers like they perfectly know all routes radiating in – out destinations in time and these driver guides will definitely make your trip memorable

Going on a car rental safari with a Driver guide gives you the platform to see more of the country than just concentrate on the wheels. For more insights, more than just information in the travel books, your guide driver will narrate it all. In cases of breakdown, these drivers are good mechanics who will get you the fast “Plan B” or know the best solution just to get on the road again. They know the local languages and will definitely translate for you just if you need that.

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Getting a Driver guide

If you have any interest in your travels to Rwanda, you can actually get the right guide who will meet your expectations. Are you interested in Birds, are you interested in botany, are you interested in culture, are you interested in wildlife or are you interested in everything? We work with knowldgable guides with wide knowledge of insights to meet your expectations. Just let us know what your interests are and we will assign you the right driver guide.

         Meet some of our Driver Guides

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