Pre-arranged trip

Having traveled this land  of Africa from north to south, east to west, having worked for different pioneer tour companies for over 8 years and now know every corner of this country, identifying what will make an adventure worth an experience, we decided on coming up with itineraries for you that need to adventure on their own.we have Uganda and Rwanda at the tip of our fingers, every corner and places worth adventuring.

So directing you to the right place for an amazing Rwanda adventure is as good as pressing the right button.
All we do is hand over the car keys to you at the beginning of your trip with everything booked.
From gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits, to lodges that we carefully selected just so we believe you will absolutely like, all arranged on your behalf. With our pre-arranged trips, we have coasted these itineraries with a one price that only includes the Car rental, Gorilla Permits, chimpanzee permits and the lodges you will stay only.

All you need is sit back drive to this well planned trip, show your vouchers and enjoy your holiday without any hustle.
However we do all this when you book a car with us for your self drive adventure. Trust us that after each trip, you will have a tale to tell. This trip comes with free mobile phone and Sim card,  brad t guide book, a road map and roadside assistance 24-7.

We let you include and exclude any suggested full packaged itineraries. Basically we let your trip be as flexible as possible………………………………………………………………..


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