Rwanda, The ultimate destination for self drive safaris.

For 3 and half years in a row, Auto Rental Rwanda in conjunction with Auto rental Uganda have mastered the great art in offering the most incredible self drive safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. When you rent a car with us, you are as good as pressing the right button because you are rest assured of the best travel insider tips for self drive in Rwanda and yes, you definetly would have made the right choice of a youthful car rental agency.

The roads in Rwanda

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Driving in Rwanda is on the right hand side, basically you keep right when on a self drive in Rwanda. Rwanda has registered the fast growing infrastructure and a nice paved road work almost in all parts of the country. However Rwanda is very strict on the speed limit of 60km/hr. Some of the roads in remote areas may not be paved but with our high ground clearance vehicles, you are good to go.

Destinations for a self drive roadtrip

volcanoes11                    Nyungwe 22                       lake kivu 22

It is of no doubt that Rwanda is called the country of a thousand hills, and its in these hills that the secret of Rwanda lies untouched. Rwanda prides its self with the re-known volcanoes national park habouring the world known population of the endangered mountain gorillas, you don’t only track the Mountain gorillas but you will definetly hike the volcanoes ranges and visit the Historical “Dian fossey” caves. The Akagera national park is another one in a million wildlife game park where incredible wildlife lies untouched. The historical genocide sites scattered around the country, the diverse culture, incredible scenery, honeymoon destinations in lake kivu and yes tracking chimpanzees in nyungwe forest national park. All these “must see” destinations scartered around rwanda give you the ultimate self drive experience.

Our self drive cars

Our Toyota Rav4’s and Prado land cruisers are some of the best choice among our cars that we offer for self drive in Rwanda. Our vehicles are comprehensively insured, third party, come with a bradt guide book and Rwanda road map.

Rav 4 11                   Rav 4 22                        Rav433
The [RAV] Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD crossover SUV is an easy and economical car that can handle all rwanda’s terrain almost throughout the year. It is a full time 4WD which makes it convenient given the mountainous terrain in rwanda.
The fuel/Mileage consumption is low compared to other vehicles given a 60litre tank taking you between 650kms – 700kms, though the consumption depends on the terrain and nature of driving, the Rav4 are in a continuous four wheel drive ready to support the adventure on the Rwanda terrain roads.

Our Rav4’s are of two types, a smaller 2 door RAV4 with enough luggage space, this is suitable for 2 people on a self drive adventure. We also have 4-door Rav4’s with enough luggage space. This is suitable for 4-people on a self drive safari in Rwanda and around east Africa.

Prado11                  Prado22                        Prado33

The Toyota Prado Land cruisers (Sx and Tx) are a very sturdy and reliable cars. They are a powerful Diesel engine and have a high ground clearance. These land cruisers are a series of large four-wheel drive vehicles manufactured by Toyota. The land cruisers are generally regarded as a tough and utilitarian 4×4 in East Africa and Africa. In General, and its compared directly to almost none as far as maneuvering rough terrains. These land cruisers can fit 4 persons to max with enough luggage space. This stands best for family self drive safaris in Rwanda.
The other vehicles among our fleet, we offer with a driver at a discounted price, If you prefer another vehicle, contact us and lets give you the best unbeatable price. You still follow your own trial like a self drive road trip.